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Review Vending and Consignment information below.  To submit interest in becoming one of our vendors or to sell items by consignment, either select "Application" from menu selection or scroll to bottom of this page to submit.


Vendor Option

  • Becoming a vendor - Apply below if interested in becoming one of our vendors.  You will need to answer a few questions and submit responses.  Upon review of your information, we will contact you by your listed preference and review contract terms with you.  You may also contact us by phone, email, or in-person for more information.  We do request a few pictures of what you intend to sell to make sure it meets product requirements for an antique store and assist in making sure there is variation in the merchandise throughout our store to satisfy patrons. 

  • Vendor space options - Include by booth, shelf, or showcase.  All rental spaces are by 3-month contract, with automatic renewal at the end of each 3 months unless 30 day written notification is provided to the dealer.  

    • Booth size - Our booths vary in all shapes & sizes.  Monthly rental fees are figured by sq. foot & location within the store and range from $2.00-$3.00 per sq. foot.

    • Shelves - Free-standing shelving units are multi-tiered and can be rented by single shelf to entire shelving unit ranging $10-$15/month per single shelf.  We also have designated sections of wall shelving that vary in price.  We are happy to provide more detail in person regarding designated sections.

    • Showcase - Glass enclosed showcase rentals are by size and location in store and range $30.00 to $90.00 / month.

  • Commission Saylor's antiquities charge an 8% commission fee for all merchandise sold by dealers whether renting shelf space, a showcase, or booth.  Fees associated with customers paying by Credit/debit card (3%) are passed onto the dealer.

  • Sales payout - Twice a month by automatic deposit or paper check.  Vendors have option to access daily sales online for a $3.00 monthly service fee.  

Consignment Option

  • Saylor's Antiquities will take items on consignment and display in specified consignment locations within the store and as space permits. 

  • Saylor's Antiquities reserves the right to arrange and display consigned items in an attractive manner.  Consignor's items may be displayed with another consignor's items to make good use of space.

  • Of consigned items sold, 75% of sale is paid to the consignor and 25% of sale is paid to Saylor's Antiquities, minus 3% card fees for customers paying with credit/debit cards for purchases.  Pay-out for sold consigned items will occur once a month. 

  • If interested in selling items via consignment, please use link to submit request with pictures.  We will contact you to provide information on accepting the items and when items can be brought to store.  

Vendor / Consignment

Please complete form to submit interest in becoming one of our vendors or for selling items by consignment.  We will respond to your submission with 24-48 hours.  We will ask for a few pictures as examples of merchandise you wish to sell.  On approval you will need to complete and sign a vendor or consignment agreement contract.

Thanks for submitting!

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